Unable to delete Drafts

I just made some example entries to a custom tailor set of data. I noticed that I was unable to delete entries. It said that it worked successfully, but entries were still marked as “Draft”.

I tried the same with the default Blog Entries, the same happens.
It seems that deletion can only be performed on Published entries. Is this intended?

Whether I click on “Discard Draft” in the entries editor or try to “Delete” selected entries in the list, it does not seem to have any effect. No Logs.

PHP Version 8.0.12
OCMS: 3.3.14

Hi and welcome @McDev

Looks like you’ve found a bug. Update to v3.3.17 to get the fix, or as a workaround, applying the draft and then deleting it works also.

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Thanks for the quick update! Of course, apply-> delete works it only is kind of a leak if it is not intended to publish.

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