Unable to install old project

hey folks,

i have an older octobercms 2 project which has a licence, but expired at the moment.

i want to migrate this project to docker / kubernetes and i found out i am not able to composer install it. i always get an 403 - forbidden.

my setup has (or had) a functioning auth.json file. this was my way to composer install it in the past during my deployments.

now i want to know:

  • am i able to install this project in the future without a fresh licence?
  • does that mean, when i have to do a new deployment with my current setup, i am not even able to deploy a new version?

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I have the same issue, somehow cannot install v2 project and have auth.json error

here is my solution:

I renewed my project license (demo license) and have to purchase a new valid license later for automatic deployments.