Updated UI Documentation?

Hi guys.

Is there any updated documentation for the UI? Specifically the dropdown/select: Select - October CMS ?

In one of our legacy plugins we have a select element and added the classes mentioned (namely form-control custom-select) in that documentation page. In October 1.1 the dropdown looked exactly like a lovely standard October dropdown.

But since switching to OC3, the dropdown now looks like an ugly native system dropdown.
Has anything changed to get that to work?



  1. Find out the bootstrap version you are using.
  • in the root of your october project, open the package.json file. You should find a row like this :
 "dependencies": {
        "bootstrap": "^5.2"
  1. Look for the appropriate documentation. In this case, Bootstrap 5.

[Select · Bootstrap v5.0]

The October select (select2) markup should be backwards compatible, although there have been some internal refactors. Make sure to clear the browser cache which might be preventing it from initializing.

Thanks guys. It looks like it’s not getting initialised as a select2 component (not seeing any of the select2 classes in the DOM for example).
Probably relating to the way this template is built (it’s using Handlebars - don’t ask!)

I’ll keep digging, cheers!

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Just a thought to add to this, if you are rendering with something dynamic like handlebars, you can trigger a re-render of controls using this JS:

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