Updating Old Frontend Page but still using same Backend and Database

Hello… I want to updating my Old deployed Frontend Page with the new one but i still want to use the same backend and database that already Deployed so my question is.

  1. Can we update the frontend page using the admin account by accessing the /backend/cms ? since i still don’t have the previous developer github for this website.
  2. If the first one not possible what should i do to update the frontend page ? i do have all the code but i don’t think if i re-deploy it the old Backend database still remain.

Hi and welcome @HilmyThoriq,

If you use the same storage, plugins, themes and database, then a new installation will work just the same. To upgrade a site all you need to do is copy the newer directories:

  • modules
  • vendor
  • config

Some of the plugins may need to be updated as well, depending on how they are built. I hope this helps.

can we just use admin account to access the /backend/cms and change the page HTML?

Yes, you can replace the frontend of an existing site to a new one by creating and activating a new theme.

Yes, on the backend you have the editor to update the design as needed easily.

You can hire any professional to assist you on the frontend design.

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