Upgrading October


I’ve recently started working on a website project for a client using October CMS version 1.

I have no experience with October and wonder if there is a way to upgrade to a higher version using only FTP or the backend. I want to install some plugins which is not possible with the current version.

Thanks for your guidance!

Hey @Woxeas! Check out this release note


you’ll need to upgrade to v2 Before v3. After you do so, follow this guide


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Hi @Woxeas

As mentioned the upgrade guides are available.

This depends on the site structure, if it is a simple website then another way to approach this is to create a new installation with a copy of the old installation available. Set up the same configuration (the databases are interoperable). Copy the themes and plugins directory and any persistent storage files. The old installation can be used as a reference for the new installation if something appears missing.

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