User progress tracking

Hello, everyone. I’m a bit new to October CMS and I was wondering there is a plugin for October CMS for this kind of thing.
We need a user progress tracker, the idea is that a registered user on the daily is receiving some information via email and we would like to check and see if the user has opened the email (clicked the link) and read let’s say the blog post from the email. If that has been done then add to their profile calendar the progress that he has read this item we sent, it doesn’t need to be complex.

Hello @Edijs
yto send email and track them you can use the excellent Responsiv plugin Campaign Campaign Manager plugin - October CMS

for the rest, you will need to develop yourself some custom code to meet your requirements I guess.


About this:

we would like to check and see if the user has opened the email (clicked the link)

Be aware that some of the emails provider have an anti-spam and will “simulate” a click on any link in the email, which can give you false result (like the user read the email but its not the case). I experienced it.

So maybe don’t track who open the link but something else later on. For example, in my case (not yours for a newsletter), when the user was opening the link, he had to accept a disclosure to see the document. This way, we knew that was really him and not the antispam.

In your case, is something like moving the mouse in the page would work? tracking if the user went until the bottom of the page?

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