Using Builder with Git


I know it is a stupid question.

I am using ocotber cms with git repo. The changes in theme and plugin components are added to the git but my question is the whenever i need to use builder to change database or to add more fields to .yaml the changes are not reflected in git pull.

i understand that i can still use the Laravel approach to add migrations but using builder make things easier.

is there anyway i can achieve this?

The builder is creating migration file in /plugins/author/plugin/updates.

Files should be named like:


If your repo contains your whole plugin, the ‘updates’ folder should be capture and so, the migrations as well ? maybe there is something I’m missing.

@apinard you are right. i was looking it at the wrong way.

the local Repo will generate the file. and then can push accordingly. and then when the feature is done i will have to run in the server.

php artisan october:migrate

Thanks for pointing this out.