Using mssql with octobercms v3

Is this possible? and if it is, are there any guides on how to go about it

The support is inherited from Laravel’s driver, but is not officially supported by October CMS because it is harder to test.

Take a look at the config/database.php file and sqlsrv driver.

hello, and thank you for taking the time to answer

I am using docker, how easy/difficult would it be to swap to mssql from sqllite? would it need extra configuration?

It should be straightforward to include a MSSQL service in the docker-compose file. A quick google search found this:

    container_name: sql-server
    # image:
    restart: always
      ACCEPT_EULA: "Y"
      SA_PASSWORD: "Contraseña12345678"
      - 1433:1433
      - ./mssql/data:/var/opt/mssql

It looks recent enough. Once you have the service running alongside the October docker image, you should be able to connect to it.

@daftspunky its really weird, my project does not have a docker-compose file, and I did build the container, and october is up and working