UUID for Blueprints

I currently develop a theme for a client. I add the blueprints in seeds folder in my external editor for example data.

When I add a data.yaml to seed the theme, I always got the error that the json file is not found. Now I discover that the reference blueprints always change the uuid that i reference in the data.yaml. So I got the error reference blueprint not found.

Did I something wrong or is this a normal behavior that the uuid always change on save?

Does the blueprint have a uuid in place already? It shouldn’t change unless one is missing.

Yes it has. When I go in the editor of the backend to copy the uuid and close the page to open the theme settings to seed the theme for dev purpose. I got the error message that the uuid is not found. Then I open again the editor in the backend and the uuid has changed.

I can’t get it work to seed my theme with dummy data, because of this problem.

It seems to me that the UUID is changing when I click the button “Seed content”. When I click the button I got the error message and after that the UUID has changed in my yaml-file.

So far I discovered that when I want to seed the content the UUID changes. That is the reason why the theme seed fails.