Validator Rule not applied

I got the following $rules for a certain model:

    public $rules = [
        'name' => 'required',
        'category_id' => 'required_if:published,1',

The Category is a relation:

    public $belongsTo = [
        'category' => [
            'order' => 'name'

Now, if I save the model within the create/edit view and for example the name is missing or I try to publish if no category is set, everything just works fine: The validation error is thrown and nothing is saved.

Now I added a listswitch to my list (basically a bit more advanced version of the listswitch plugin) which should perform this validation, too:

    private function processInvertField($modelClass, $id, $fieldName, $dateFieldOnTrue)
        if (empty($fieldName) || empty($id) || empty($modelClass)) {
            throw new ApplicationException("Following parameters are required : id, field, model");
        $item = $modelClass::findOrFail($id);
        # If Item is set to true, also set this datefield to the actual date
        if (!empty($dateFieldOnTrue) && !$item->{$fieldName}) {
            $item->{$dateFieldOnTrue} = Carbon::now();
        $item->{$fieldName} = !$item->{$fieldName};

        # Validate
# $item->name = '';
        $validator = Validator::make($item->attributes, (new $modelClass)->rules);
        if ($validator->fails()) {
            throw new ApplicationException($validator->getMessageBag()->first());

I posted the whole method, but just the validation part is relevant. I call the validator and it does not apply for the category_id and I dont know why. If I remove the name with the commented line, the validation message is thrown. Not for the category.

What did I miss?

Thanks for every kind of help :slight_smile:

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Hi @LordRazen

I would write the rules like this:

public $rules = [
        'name' => 'required',
        'category' => 'required_if:published,1',

Also, try calling trace_log($item->attributes); before the validation step to see what attributes you are working with in the event log.

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Thanks you two,

I tested both ideas. Using “category” did not solve the problem, but it still worked if I changed the publish state within the “edit” view…

The trace log showed the following:


    [name] => required
    [category_id] => required_if:published,1
    [category] => required_if:published,1

Item Attributes:

    [id] => 1202
    [name] => Some name...
    [category_id] => 

So it looks correct, but it does not work :-/

the field published seems to be absent form your attribute, therefore the required rule for category_id will not be applied

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Hm, no the published attribute exists, I accidently removed it from the displayed array above cause there’re several other attributes. Sorry for this.

But I found the issue:

While using the code above with the list switch button, the following rule worked:
'category_id' => ' required_if:published,true',

However, when I tried the validation with the regular save button while editing the model, the variant with “true” didnt work while this one did:
'category_id' => ' required_if:published,1',

This feels strange… one time the true works, one time a “1”.

This here is the DB field if needed:

Is this a bug? It feels like one to me…

It could be a bug. What database engine are you using, is it MySQL?

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I’m using XAMPP 3.3.0 for local development, as far as I can see this has MariaDB.

I can’t seem to reproduce it. Perhaps using the $casts property would help here.