Version Control for Tailor Blueprints

Got a general question: October handles all the pages kinda “static” (as files) and also the pages created with the pages plugin are files stored in the “content” folder of the theme in the end.

For “dynamic” content (stored in the database), Tailor seems to work well since it created Controllers, Models and Tables on the fly. But I wonder how to version control those. I can see some tailor blueprints inside the “themes/demo/seeds” folder, but seeding seems the wrong start here.

I got multiple environments where I deploy my website (dev, staging, live) so I would like to version control everything in the right way. For tailor, I couldnt find out the right way yet and I dont see any docu here. And creating this custom types with builder would be a solution, but then I cannot use the “tailor magic” anymore :smile:

October CMS is a hybrid file-based and database-driven platform. It sits in a goldilocks zone where developers work with files and clients work with the database.

Tailor doesn’t currently support versioning, but it can support drafts, a similar concept. We plan on adding record versioning in a later release, likely after user-submitted content.

In terms of environments, each should have its database, and you can use the import/export feature to move content between these sites.

This is indeed used for providing starter content for a theme. It is the same as copying the blueprints to the app directory and running a database import.

There will always be data (including content) stored in the database, so it is best to keep regular backups. It probably isn’t suitable to version control these backups, however, it is possible.