Visitor Counter

Are there any plugin for showing widget about visitor counter in HomePage?
I search in plugins but somehow i didn’t find it.

not sure, why people are still in 80’s or 90’s, when “visitor counts” was a some kind of what? prestige? what u wish to show? that you have daily 2 visits and both is from your own network? bro. this kind of “visual representation” was lame in past 90’s, why you will turn back time? :smiley:

There’s no plugins that I’ve seen but could be easily created by running some code in the PHP section of a site using v3, then incrementing a value using a Tailor entry type

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Simple analytics. A lot of people that write blogs like to know someone is reading, otherwise it feels like shouting into the empty void.

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i know, but for myself, knowing that there are only 2 or 5 people who visit site one time in year is more frustrating than knowledge as shouting to void :slight_smile:

when i created multiple magazines, there was a reputation system for articles, counting visits, time spent on it and calculating popularity for authors, but, this was not that topic.

probably, is good to mentoin where is idea about some analytics board, right?