Vue Widgets/FormWidgets Documentation

We absolutely adore creating custom Widgets and FormWidgets for OctoberCMS.
However, we tend to use Vue for our more complex frontend requirements and try not to use jQuery where we can avoid it!

We can see that OC3 is starting to get more and more Vue Components internally and were wondering if/when you plan on releasing documentation on building your own custom ones using Vue, instead of the older jQuery Plugin route?

If there’s no plans for docs, are the current items in the /vuecomponents folders OK to reference in production code? (Stability, API etc) Are there any key concepts we should be aware of with how these work compared to the older jQuery ones?

Many thanks!

Hey @WeSayHowHigh

Thanks for your interest! What you see in the /vuecomponents/ directory is a pattern you can use, and they’re not going anywhere since the Editor relies heavily on them. We haven’t documented this yet since there may be architectural changes and the future.

If something changes, you may need to keep your code aligned with the core modules, and the implementation is straightforward, so this shouldn’t be hard to do.

We need to improve a few more things before committing this to the documentation and making it an official pattern.

I hope this helps!

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