Ways to manage content

So far I understand that there are two ways to quickly setup a content management system:

  1. Use tailor and blueprints to define content types. Using this tool you can define customized fields from the begining.
  2. Install a ready-to-use plugin (“Blog” by RainLab is the most popular). However, with this method you only have the basic fields for the posts and you need to install other plugins to add functionality.

My questions are:

Which one is the best approach in terms of future flexibility and scalabiltiy?

Since Tailor is under development, can we use it now without the fear to reach a dead end in the near future?

Hi and welcome @jeraso!

In terms of content management, just use Tailor. The blog plugin exists only in the absence of Tailor.

A more detailed explanation: Tailor for content (articles, blog posts, etc.) and the plugin system for functionality (job listings, products, etc.). Tailor will continue to be content-focused, with things like versioning, content owners, user-submitted content and publishing workflows. When custom workflow/business logic/functionality is needed, you should consider using a plugin with hand-crafted models instead.

We are unaware of any significant limitations of Tailor since it is new but also powered by the same engine used by plugins.

I hope this helps.

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