Which branch of repository is used to build the plugin in the Plugin Market

I have a question about the plugin version and the source of the plugin but I can’t find the answer in the documentation of authors.

The plugin is managed in Bitbucket and we have different branches: development, main, master, production, hotfix, etc.

Which branch will be used to create and publish the plugin?

I know that it’s important to keep updated the version.yaml file in order to manage the updates correctly but this generates another question:

We are working with git tags in order to keep the “moment” of the plugin stable. If we use this tag system do we need to keep synchronized the version in updates/version.yaml with the git tag?

Thanks for your help

​Thanks for your question. We have clarified this in the documentation, and here is what it says.

Incrementing the Version File

In addition to tagging, you should also increment the version file found in your plugin version file or theme settings. This file instructs the October CMS gateway about the latest version, and contains the previous version history.

To help understand how this works:

  • The gateway uses the version file found in the default branch of the repo.
  • Composer will install and update using the latest stable tag of the repo.

This means the version file in the default branch should always match the latest stable tag in Git.

​Hopefully this helps. Let me know if anything is still unclear.