Workflow multi project team development

Hi guys,

we would start to develop projects in October CMS i have a question about how to develop with that licence model:

We would like to have 3 people working on one project. Do we need 3 licenses so that all 3 developers can start the project on their workstation ? Plus a license for the website on the server ? What if we work on 2 projects with 3 developers, do we need 2 licenses each ?

Hi and welcome @stikkx, great question.

When you purchase a license, you receive a license key that allows you to install October CMS to create a single production website and ancillary installations needed to support that single production website, such as installations on development and staging servers.

This means the development servers, staging servers and staff members all share the same license key for that one production website.

In the quote above, there are three people working on a single production website, where each has a development server on their workstation. In this example, one license is needed.

The license key may only be used to create a single production website. If you wish to create another website, you will need to create a new project and acquire a new license for that project.

In the quote above, there are three developers working on two production websites. In this example, two licenses are needed.