BlogHub v1.3.0 - Comments, Tags, Meta Fields and more


I published a new version of my BlogHub plugin, which extends RainLab’s Blog extension with many additional features. The plugin itself has been especially designed for my NewsHub OctoberCMS template, because existing plugins either didn’t quite met my needs or weren’t maintained for a long time. In addition, I wanted to keep the dependencies and different authors as low as possible in order to reduce the integration and maintenance effort in the future.

But of course, this plugin is not restricted to my own templates itself and I’m currently also looking for some feedback to improve BlogHub, integrate additional features and may find some nasty bugs. So if you have some time left, I would highly appreciate any suggestion and comment. Thanks!

The new version focus on this new features:

  • Moderated Comments
    • With like and dislike counter as well as favorite switch
    • AJAX-enabled form with frontend moderation
    • Optional Terms of Service, Honeypot and Captcha fields
    • Two different views: Nested or Simple with quotations
    • Support for RainLab.User users
    • Many options
  • Report Dashboard Widgets
    • Comments List with moderation options
    • Posts List with some basic details
    • Posts Statistics with some graphs
  • Many Improvements compared to v1.2.x
    • Post and User model extensions are added via behaviours
    • Improved backend administration (with own permissions)
    • Week-based date archives
    • Updated all of the available template components
    • … and many more

The previous focus (prior v1.3.0):

  • Promotable Blog Tags (with title, description and color)
  • Global and Theme-related Blog Meta Fields
  • Author, Date (Year, Month, Day) and Tag archives
  • Custom display_name and author_slug for Backend Users / Authors
  • Additional data for Post and User class

Here are some pics showing the new features:
(I can only post 1 image and 2 links here… so… well… let’s do it this way)

- Comment Settings:
- Comments Form:
- Comments:
- Dashboard Widget - Comments List:
- Dashboard Widget - Post List:
- Dashboard Widget - Post Statistics:


Sam @ Rat.