Image Databanks - formerly Unique Media Finder

As u probably know, Unique media finder plugin was removed from marketplace, but, good news is, that currently is out a new version called Image Databanks (Snipi.MediaDatabanks).

Key features

  • searching using multiple image databanks
    Currently: Unsplash, Pexels, Pixabay, Giphy

  • supports multiple type of rich editors used in octobercms
    (tailor document, rainlab.pages,, markdown)

  • preinstalled image editor (Pixie Image Editor)
    This image editor allows you to manipulate image (efects, filters, crops, resize, etc.), when you provide an Envato private token, to verify your purchase of this image editor.

  • currently still a FREE plugin
    Of course, donations are highly welcome via or

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It sounds very promising, and the integration with pixie image editor is the cherry on the cake

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This plugin looks fantastic! Thank you for being a leader in our community, @snipi

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