New: Small instant messenger

Hi All,

This weekend I released my first try of a Small instant messenger for OctoberCMS v3,
I hope you all like it.


nice, but lil bit shame, that your first try and u make it for 10$ … bro. srsly? :smiley:

It looks like a lot of work went into this. Great job!

I’m only a single person who made this and it took quite some time to make, also keeping it up to date and expanding it takes time.
So i think its fair…

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#metoo …
do you have any roadmap for that?

and some questions…

  • it depends on using RainLab.User, right? probably this may be for you small “alert flashing” that, many of your job is currently done by RainLab guys. or it provides own user management when there are no user plugin? probably no, right?
  • is there a realtime chat funcionality, or it is simple messaging?
  • is able to “filter” recipients by some groups, like “friends only” or something like that?

dont get this wrong, but, probably, is not worth to make this plugin as payed. just, make it free and make another with many features like i mentoined and get price tag on that one.

  • A roadmap is being made. I initially made this plugin for myself on my wishes because I missed this function in other projects I have running.

  • Rainlab.user is actually used as the source of the users. Maybe later I will build my own user system.

  • There is no real-time chat feature, maybe I’ll include it in the roadmap, but it doesn’t look like it right now, because it’s not a chat plugin, if there’s enough demand then maybe in a separate plugin.

  • Filtering and grouping users is not yet possible, but an interesting one.

Great that you come up with these questions, it makes me think about filling the roadmap.

u are welcome, just think about it as a small or a large scale, when is really small basic funcionality, then it may be a free, if you fill it up with multiple features, then sell it… RN, im not able to tell you more about it. from my pov it is a very lightweight plugin and i have a multiple more robust funcionality and provided for free.

A chat function is added (very Simple one)

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