OC v3 DB migration

Here is the context:

I have an application App v1 coded with OC v1 running in prod with its database, lets call DB1.

I have already migrated the whole thing to OC v3 during the last year and added loads of new features to this App v2.

Now it’s time to switch the new App v2 to prod.
So I am wondering if i can bring the DB1 to my App v2 and run a october:migrate command and it will be all be done and fine? Or do I have to do the whole process going through OC v2 and then OC v3?

any ideas?

I don’t think I ever did a direct v1 to v3 update, but the migration path is compatible and there are not that many core changes afaik. We regularly copy v2 DB during the installation step, before migrating, for a V3 site and this work very well.

I think you should just try it: install a fresh V3, copy the v1 DB before doing the migration step and see how it goes :wink:

Hi, have you read this How to Update October v1 to v2/v3 with Deploy plugin ? it may help you

thanks, Ihavent take the time yet to give it a try - will report next week probably