October composer builder

Hi all!

Often when working with October, you have to assemble different build options from it. Including manipulating modules and the list of plugins. No less often, in the development of, for example, API services in October, where neither front nor Tailor is used, you have to manually disable and delete modules, not to mention the fact that you also often have to assemble standard sites, for example: Multilingual site. Which requires manipulation after installation.

Based on this experience, I launched a composer-based October build service that allows you to configure or use ready-made builds for installation via composer or using Laravel sail


At the moment, this is an alpha version assembled on my knees in a very short time (2 hours in total). In this version, you can select ready-made assemblies for installation with one command, as well as assemble your own versions of the composer and build options for October.

I will be glad to receive feedback and suggestions.


Hey @LeMaX10

This is a great idea! Thanks for sharing it

There will be updates in the next release:

  1. Ability to download the patched official web installer for installation via a browser.
  2. Switch laravel version 9/10 for assembly
  3. Correction of the final October bug for assemblies without Taylor.

Release 1.2.0:

  1. Ability to download a patched web installer for installation via a browser.
  2. Optimization of the build and patcher scripts.
  3. Fixed October installation error with missing Taylor module.
  4. Select Laravel 9 or 10 version.
  5. Protection against duplicate configurations has been implemented


  • Added ready-made configuration OctoberCMS API Edition - modules cms and editor are disabled in this version

TODO for the next release:

  1. If the cms module is missing, delete the themes directory
  2. If the tailor module is missing, delete the app directory

P.S> Duplicate configurations have been cleared and the remaining configurations have been migrated.
P.S.S> In just a couple of days, almost 500 configurations were generated by users, of which 200 were used for their intended purpose :partying_face::tada::tada::tada:


Service moved to new domain - https://octoberbuilder.com

Hey @LeMaX10

This is an excellent service and will be helpful to the October CMS ecosystem. You should continue to develop and support it since it will help others. It is a good showcase of the power and modularity that developers get when using October CMS.

It will be beneficial when October CMS v4 is released since it introduces two new modules: user and shop. Notably, both of these modules are optional to install.

Thank you for building and sharing this!


@daft a little bit out of subject: is the shop module still planned to be available in the beginning of 2024?!

We are working very hard to make it happen for Q1 2024, yes.