OctoberCMS v3 and RocketLoader Work Around

If anyone with Cloudflare’s RocketLoader enabled has upgraded to October v3 and found that their admin dashboard is no longer working as expected, here are a couple of workarounds that may help.

Refer to 3.2 Upgrade Weird Issues for an idea of how the backend dashboard can be impacted when RocketLoader is enabled.

Enable RocketLoader for the front end only:

  1. Create a page rule - in Cloudflare ensure RocketLoader is enabled under Speed > Optimisation. Go to Rules > Page Rules and create a page rule. Set the url to /backend/*, select the RocketLoader setting and set it to ‘off’. RocketLoader will be disabled on all backend pages.
  2. Create a configuration rule - an alternative option is to disable RocketLoader under Speed > Optimisation. Then go to Rules > Configuration Rules and create a rule. Set the url to /backend/ and operator to ‘does not contain’. Add RocketLoader and set it to ‘enabled’. RocketLoader will be enabled on front end pages only.
  3. Disable RocketLoader on individual scripts - by adding a data attribute before the src attribute. data-cfasync="false". See Ignore JavaScripts in Rocket Loader · Cloudflare Fundamentals docs

If you’re not sure that you need RocketLoader enabled on your site you can disable it. This will likely resolve your backend issues.

Hope this helps.