📣 OFFLINE.Boxes Page Builder Plugin

We have spent the last few month developing a new plugin: :package: Boxes is a fully-featured visual page builder that works with any theme and plugin. We are currently looking for beta testers.

If you are interested in helping us finishing the product, you can request early-access on the plugin’s website: https://boxes.offline.ch

Feel free to ask any questions about the plugin here. Any feedback or ideas are appreciated as well!


Huge thanks for building this. Looking forward to buying my first copy!


@OFFLINE-TK I see that it is possible to define components, making this plugin compatible with just about everything (amazing!). Just not sure about it supporting AJAX handlers. Are the components added to the box partials or the page?

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The components are added to the CMS page, so AJAX handlers are supported. The only tricky thing is to keep everything tidy if a Box with a component is added multiple times to a page. We are still working on a good solution for that problem.

You can also put the components on the partials directly (as you would in any CMS partial) without registering it with Boxes. This renders the component as well, but with the usual shortcomings.


Nice, thanks. Great to hear. This is where we find ourselves when implementing such a thing in the core. A component specifying the partial names used, registering the partial components on the page, and making the handlers available. It seems like a long way to just include the required component on the page directly and make the partial depend on it…

This sounds like the most exciting plugin on october so far. Any release date soon ? :disguised_face:

Really seems to be a great plugin!

But is then Tailor obsolete? Or does the plug-in integrate the features of tailor?

It’ll be out next month. It does complement Tailor really well. It still makes sense to organize structured data in tailor or a custom plugin, but you can use the Boxes plugin to put that data on pages.

It’s feature set is more in the realm of for the static pages plugin.

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Tailor has CMS components that work in partials. These two can work extremely well together.

…an exciting time to be an October CMS developer :rocket:


Congratulations on the release yesterday, guys!

Thank you @daftspunky!

Since the preview version, we have now made the Boxes Editor available as a form widget. So to add to the discussion about Tailor: You can now use Boxes inside of Tailor.

This gives you a really great blogging solution, for example!