Tailor Starter Theme is now on the Marketplace

Hey guys! I wanted to let OctoberCMS Community that the Tailor Starter Theme is now on the Marketplace! This makes it easier to manage project dependencies.

Check it out below!

Next up is adding the docs, so no more new features will be added until the ones in the theme are documented.

Thanks everyone who’s used the theme. Also, special thanks to @chris and @webfalter (github) for the pull requests to make it better.


First website built with this starter theme:


Second website produced with the Tailor Starter Theme :partying_face:



Thanks for that great starter.

I want to ask a questions about the permission you use in the settings.yaml blueprint. From where you have the tailor.entry… number? And how is that permission meant?

I forget specifically where I got the permission, I know @daft could probably help with that. If I remember, the permission is the GUID without any spaces.

But the permission is met when you give the client access to that specific Tailor Entry Type.

A heads up everyone, As I get more projects, development has slowed. I do want to add more features, but I will once I get a chance.

In the meantime, check out the following issue:

Hey Guys! I have a question. Right now, the block system is SUPER convoluted, and hard to navigate. Would you guys appreciate if I added snippets to replace the blocks and made the blocks super simple? Or do you guys like the blocks experience?

Vote Yes or no here: Blocks or Snippets? · Issue #114 · artistro08/tailor-starter · GitHub