The Quicksilver plugin was updated to V3

BizMark.Quicksilver plugin was updated to version 3.0.3! The plugin was rebuild from ground up, with some new awesome features!

  • Web-server configuration is now optional. Install and use.
  • Caching pages with correct extensions (.json. .xml and etc.) and methods (get, post and etc.).
  • Query strings support (toggle it from plugin settings).

This is extremely helpful plugin for big static projects. Reviews and suggestions are welcome!

Plugin repository: Free October CMS plugins / Quicksilver · GitLab


This and Tailor look like a match made in heaven.

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The plugin was updated to V3.1.0. Added new ReportWidget, that will allow you to clear cache of specific paths, or clear everything with just one button.


I love how this bypasses the framework, simple but powerful.

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Is it also possible to exclude certain pages or content from the cache?
I have dynamic content that is otherwise cached and not updated.

could fix that with event listen ? Unfortunately I don’t really have a clue about it

Yes you can! Open settings inside your backend panel, and find quicksilver settings. there you can add pages that should be excluded from caching.