The Shopaholic project we are proud of

Hi all! I want to share with you our project that we built using October CMS, Shopaholic and Quicksilver! - Site in Russian, right-click on page to translate to your language.

This is medium-sized e-commerce built with Shopaholic. Works on October CMS V3.0. Right now it has over > 100k filterable properties, >15k products with >3k categories. Fully SEO optimized with MightySEO. Search powered up by Algolia. Buddies used for personal accounts with social login provided by Socialite.

Quicksilver used to cache catalog pages so we can sustain high traffic flow without even noticing it.

The numbers are insane! Page with huge filter, large product collection and subcategories has TTFB around ~90ms. Everything is customizable from backend panel, and cache is easy to revalidate using custom formwidgets.

Plugins used: