Using different url's for multisite + tailor

Hi! I have a few static pages in my website, such as “About us”, “Contact”, etc.
I’m using Tailor single sections to manage the content for these sections, but I don’t know how to set different slugs for each site.

I used to do it with the Translate plugin, so my code would look something like this:

url = "/about-us"
layout = "site/default"

localeUrl[es] = "/acerca-de"

How do I do this using the new multisite + tailor feature?
I see that when I create a single entry I can set the slug for each site, but it doesn’t work when I link that page from the navbar.
I use this in the anchor: {{ 'site/about'|page }}
But it goes to

In this case, my code looks like this:

url = "/:slug"
layout = "site/default"

[section aboutpage]
handle = "Website\About"
entrySlug = "{{ :slug }}"
entryDefault = 1

Hi @EMAD08.

I had a similar problem once. I didn’t used Tailor, but my problem was an incorrect locale string.


I was used to write: localeUrl[en] instead with october 3.x it’s now localeUrl[en-gb].

hope this helps.

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Thanks @alexwenzel I tried it but it doesn’t work.
Just to clarify, I don’t have the Translate plugin anymore, I’m trying to achieve this just with the native Multisite from v3.

it has nothing to to with the translate plugin.
did you checked in your backend, which is your correct locale code?

you can find the correct code in the table system_site_definitions column locale.

Thank you @alexwenzel , I checked and I’m using the right locale (en), but I can’t seem to make it work.
Is this a native OctoberCMS function or do I have to do something else?

I’m sorry, I’m not that experienced and I’m a little lost.
Thank you for your feedback.

For now, the translate plugin is still required to translate URLs.

It adds extended features for multilingual sites, since multisite is more of a general solution for managing multiple sites (translated or non-translated).

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Thanks @daftspunky, it’s clear now.
I installed the Translate plugin and it’s working now.