October CMS Tailor Starter

I needed to create a simple starter theme with blueprints for Tailor for my upcoming projects, so I did just that. Feel free to use if it helps or “tickles your fancy” :sweat_smile:

Pull requests welcome :grin:


Tailor was made for exactly this. Nice job!

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Hey guys! v1.1.4 is out. This includes better organization of content with each section, the start of extra content, and validation on some fields that needed it.

I plan to add more extra features, but for now, This’ll do.


Hey guys! Back with another update. I just included a simple shop function with Stripe Checkout and Stripe Webhooks support… I also included all extra content inside the theme for better organization.

It’s easier to delete what you don’t need instead of trying to organize it. Updated the README.md to reflect that change as well.


One last update! v3.x Tailor starter theme includes a cart with basic validation and better column management in the backend. It displays the icons in the columns now, which makes life 10x easier when picking icons.


boy, it’s getting better and better. Thanks for your work!

Would it be possible to integrate digital products into the store as well. For example:

another group for digital products or just a switch in the product itself to disable the quantity and shipping.

a field of the type fileupload/mediaminder for example to upload a pdf or zip file.

If the purchase is successful the customer should get a mail with the uploaded file or a link.

something like this :sweat_smile:

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It’s definitely possible! It may be a lil out of.mt scope of dev work, since I’m still learning, but I can definitely see that it’s doable

My biggest concern is making the download link dynamic for the file


Your starter theme is amazing. I can learn a lot how you build.

What I don’t understand is, how you set the homepage. You have a index layout and a page layout. For the main entry page, do you define a page with layout index and for all other pages you use page layout. Is this correct?


Hey man! Thank you! much appreciated

Not sure what you mean, but I’ll explain how I have the index setup.

For the index.htm page, I use the “Homepage” setting from Content > Settings, then I pull the page data from that. That page uses the default layout. If that setting isn’t set, it’ll throw a 404.

I hope this helps.

In a way yes.

Just to follow:

I created a layout called index.htm. This is for the starting page (Homepage), then I created a CMS Page called index with the layout index. After that I made in Tailor a Dynamic Page with slug / and content and some meta data. This all works fine, but the meta data is not displayed. On a page with layout page everything works fine as long as the page is not used for the starting page (Homepage).

May you can help.

What I also see in your layout is, that there are no body tags. Is this for any reason, why you do that this way?

Thanks for your help and great work. You help me a lot!

Ahh I see. So in the head.htm partial, I have conditional logic to display the metadata. It only works if you have a component on your page called [section] If you name the component something else, it won’t work.

The way I pull the data is changing the variable of section to page by doing the following:

{% set page = section %}

as for the body tags, I didn’t know I didn’t have those there, but I believe OctoberCMS generates those for you

I’ve been playing around with the starter theme and it’s really good.

I added some Tailor mixin and updated the builder/section partials for some test, to add a custom CSS class for the sections.

The updated partial is copied over the child theme.
The mixin however is copied over the app folder at the root of the project.

I am not sure how to handle this app folder for my client’s project then. Usually, we publish plugins and themes but how about this app folder now? Maybe it is more a question for @daftspunky
thank you for any comment

I might be able to help. So what I’ve been doing is copying the seeds from the starter theme to the child theme. Then, If I want to make a change, I’ll just seed the child theme on top of the starter theme.

“Publishing” it could be as simple as seeding it over from the child theme after you’ve made your changes. Bonus part is that you’ll have a way to revert back if you need to.

So it would mean:

  1. locally create a child theme
  2. copying the seeds folder over to the child theme
  3. version the child time under github making it requiring the parent starter theme

then it would be easier to install everything on the client server with the php artisan command.

would that work?

Yup. That would work. I’ve personally used that method and it’s nice for tracking things

thanks for your feedback.
I am curious about how does the data seeding looks like when we are using Dynamic Page instead of simple Page? How can we build those json files? Any ideas?

What I would do is create a dynamic page and export the page. Then you can see exactly how the structure is.

Hey everyone! v5.0.0 Just dropped.

This release focuses on restructuring, bugs and some other features with events.

Theme files should be a lot easier to edit now.

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Hey guys. Just released v6.0.0. Check the details here: Release v6.0.0 · artistro08/tailor-starter · GitHub

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