OctoberCode - VS Code extension

Hello everyone! Want to introduce my new vscode extension for work with OctoberCMS.

It provides some cool features, such as

  • template files formatting
  • code completions
  • code generation
  • code navigation
  • some diagnostics and quick fixes
  • and more…

Extension can be downloaded here October Code - Visual Studio Marketplace


I look forward to trying it out!

Works really well. Thanks for creating this. Will use it from now on.

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great job! thank you

Uoh… I’ve been waiting for such an extension for a while. Thanks a lot!

Great job!


Great plugin! Really great job.

One question. How can I detect OctoberCMS in VSCode? I’ve got always the error that octobercms is not detected.

Thank you!

OctoberCMS is detecting by artisan and october/system or october/all in composer.json in project root.

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Thanks for the reply! Now everything works fine.

I normally only work in the themes folder, so there was my problem.

When working in a theme file, starting to type {{ the plugin autocomplete with }}{{ instead of }} in some cases. Anyone see this as well?

It happens when setting editor.autoClosingBrackets != "always". Will try to fix it in next release.

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Nice job!

Thanks for your contribution.

Thank you very much! It’s very good.

I got two question:

  • What if I opened the VSCode where the OC is not at root? Can I set the OC installation root path somewhere?
  • How can I enable emmet abbreviation?


What if I opened the VSCode where the OC is not at root? Can I set the OC installation root path somewhere?

No, now extension does not support anything like that.

How can I enable emmet abbreviation?

Add this to your VSCode config

"emmet.includeLanguages": {
    "october-tpl": "html"

You can find more info about configuring VSCode in README.md of extension or on extension’s VSCode marketplace page.

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Not sure but I might have found an error within the extension:

When I use Tab Icons within a fields.yaml file and those tabs has terms from the lang file as name, they’re marked as invalid:

        'my.plugin::lang.terms.data': icon-file-image-o

But actually they work within OctoberCMS, so I guess there’s a mistake?

I use version v0.7.6

Thanks. Will fix in next release

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OctoberCode was updated to version 0.9.0. This release brings:

  • support for multi-folder workspaces
  • work with modules and app directory
  • support for parent/child themes
  • some new completions and links
  • many improvements in existing functionality

All changes you can see on changelog tab of extension’s vscode marketplace page.


Hi, I really like your extension! Just use 0.9.1 of your plugin and found one missing keyword for config_list.yaml:
the structure: tag is not recognized:

structure: => shown as red
    showTree: false
    showReorder: true
    maxDepth: 1

Hi, in your case tag structure marked as red because in YAML schema for config_list.yaml properties showTree, treeExpanded and showReorder inside tag structure marked as required. Will make all optional in next release.

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