OctoberCode - VS Code extension

not sure what happened, but now the .htm files are not anymore properly formatted when I save my file.
for instance, the first part in a page like

[staticMenu mainMenu]
code = "main-menu"

[staticMenu socialMenu]
code = "social-menu"

[staticMenu metaMenu]
code = "meta-menu"

is now saved in a one concatenated line

[staticMenu mainMenu] code = "main-menu" [staticMenu socialMenu] code =
"social-menu" [staticMenu metaMenu] code = "meta-menu" == 

using October Code v0.9.1

any idea what is going on please?

Hi. Looks very strange. Can you show the full file?

Be sure to include two hashes at the top ##


[staticMenu mainMenu]
code = "main-menu"

this is very strange indeed because it happens only in one theme. and the htm file contains the ## at the top.
in another theme, I do not use the ## and it works fine.

## at the top of a file is using only for syntax highlighting. Formatting is not using it.