OctoberCode - VS Code extension

not sure what happened, but now the .htm files are not anymore properly formatted when I save my file.
for instance, the first part in a page like

[staticMenu mainMenu]
code = "main-menu"

[staticMenu socialMenu]
code = "social-menu"

[staticMenu metaMenu]
code = "meta-menu"

is now saved in a one concatenated line

[staticMenu mainMenu] code = "main-menu" [staticMenu socialMenu] code =
"social-menu" [staticMenu metaMenu] code = "meta-menu" == 

using October Code v0.9.1

any idea what is going on please?

Hi. Looks very strange. Can you show the full file?

Be sure to include two hashes at the top ##


[staticMenu mainMenu]
code = "main-menu"

this is very strange indeed because it happens only in one theme. and the htm file contains the ## at the top.
in another theme, I do not use the ## and it works fine.

## at the top of a file is using only for syntax highlighting. Formatting is not using it.

Is it possible to make this extension in VSCodium available?

I can’t find it in the extension search…

VSCodium using open-vsx.org repository for extensions instead of microsoft’s marketplace. I will publish extension on open-vsx later.

For now you can download vsix file from microsoft store page and install from file.

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OctoberCode 0.16.0 is out!

This time I bring you something for work with Tailor. From now OctoberCode knows what is blueprints, how to work with it and tries to help you with it. For example completes handle of blueprints, knows where to find it, where it used and to quick open it.

New features of this release:

  • Completions of blueprints handle in navigation and source (for mixin fields) in other blueprints

  • Completions of blueprints handle in attaching tailor components in theme files

  • Completions of icons in navigation and primaryNavigation of blueprints

  • Finding references and definitions of blueprints

  • Command for quick open blueprints octoberCode.goToBlueprint (don’t forget to bind hotkey for this)

If you want to know everything about OctoberCode releases, you can read my telegram channel Telegram: Contact @octobercode


fantastic! thank you for your work

I found a bug:

Within the config_list.yaml, I used perPageOption:

perPageOptions: [5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50, 75, 100, 150]

This is marked as incorrect type, expected string, while it need to be an array.

Thank you, will fix it in next release

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Hey, any way to implement this for PhpStorm?

That would be amazing! I am not that good in development to do that!

Making plugins for VSCode and PhpStorm is totally different stories

@ksv. This extension is truly awesome. What software is used to manage and generate the schema definitions?

I generating schemas from typescript interfaces. You can find it in this repo GitHub - SergeyKasyanov/october-schemas

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Thanks for this! We can help you maintain this specification since we’ve added the blueprint schema to the Blueprint Editor in v3.6:


It will be very cool!